Polar Bear

This week we explore the Irish ancestry of polar bears, hear about a new maths meet-up, and have some fun with the basics of chemistry. Hit the ‘Play’ or ‘Download’ button below now, or catch us on iTunes.

In this episode:

  • Dan Bradley of Trinity College Dublin tells us about the connection between Irish brown bears and the polar bears of the Arctic Circle.
  • What do you get when you combine maths and beer? MathsJam! We hear about a new monthly meet-up in the pub for chic maths geeks.
  • And in our Culture Corner, Scibernauts Marie ‘Boron’ Boran, Sylvia ‘Lithium’ Leatham and Gavin ‘Helium’ Byrne talk about the basic elements of chemistry, from ‘green dragons’ to ‘black diamonds’.

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